Freeborn Sound

Professional audio services, music production, film post-production audio and more, by Phil Freeborn

With over thirty years of experience in the audio field, Phil Freeborn offers professional audio services, music production, and audio post-production for film and video. Recent credits include CD production and engineering credits for Katja Werker, Sunshine (CZ), Modern Earl, and many others, and Sound design and audio post production for the feature films "Masks" (Andreas Marschall) and "Berlin Telegram" (Leila Albayaty).

With the recent closing of the Freeborn Sound Studio facility in Kreuzberg, Berlin (archived web site here), Phil has achieved a great deal more flexibility, and has completed recordings in the last few months for Mary Ocher, Sky Histoire, Paro, and the collaborative multimedia and dance series Silences by Tom O’Doherty and Kata Kovacs.

Phil's focus is on guiding clients through the entire process of creating and sweetening audio projects, whether it's developing music for release on CD or vinyl, or as part of a larger frame of reference, comprehensive handling of all aspects of sound for films and video presentations, live sound, and permanent or semi-permanent audio and multimedia installations for museums, performance works, public artworks, and more.